All fishing PERMITS are WEEKLY – we do not offer day tickets
All bait MUST BE purchased from our tackle shop, this is so we can monitor the amount & type of bait being used to protect and enhance the quality of our fish.

Tackle Shop

We have a small fishing tackle shop, which is incorporated into our shop & reception area, where you can also purchase your weekly fishing permit from.

– Rods
– Reels
– Landing nets & poles
– Un-hooking mats
– Line / Hooks / Floats / Pole Floats & accessories / weight & shot weight
– Tackle boxes / Bite alarms / Scales
– Groundbait / Pellet / Boilies / Particles / Pop-Ups / Wafters etc…

Our park shop has limited daily opening times during the morning and evening.
The times are displayed on the shop notice board by the door, but as a guide the approximate times are below.

Low Season Morning Opening Times:
opens at 9am and closes 9.30am
or opens at 9am and closes 10am

Low Season Evening Opening Times:
opens at 5pm and closes 5.30pm
or opens at 5pm and closes 6pm

Peak Summer Season Morning Opening Times:
opens at 8.30am and closes 10am
or opens at 8.30am and closes 10.30am

Peak Summer Season Evening Opening Times:
opens at 5pm and closes 6pm
or opens at 5pm and closes 7pm

Some of the tackle and bait brands we sell

Mayfly Fishing Lake

Mayfly Lake was established over twenty years ago, and holds a variety of species including 20lb-plus carp, big tench and big bream

For Mayfly Lake Details, click here!

Butterfly Fishing Lake

Butterfly Lake is great for family fishing, with carp up to 15lbs, tench, big perch, rudd, roach and bream. Best method is with a pole  by the islands. Total catches of 50lb-plus are not uncommon.

For Butterfly Lake Details, click here!

Dragonfly Fishing Lake

Dragonfly Lake is recommended for the more experienced and patient carp angler. The majority of carp in this lake are between 10 to 20lbs-plus, with a few bigger ones in-between.

For Dragonfly Lake Details, click here!





Fishing Tackle Shop Onsite

Fishing Swims Of All Sizes

Superb Margin Fishing

All Lakes Have Islands To Fish To


Carp (common, mirror, leather)

Ghost Carp, Crucian Carp

Roach - Rudd - Skimmers





Observe The Rules

BEFORE FISHING, permits must be obtained from Perran Springs Reception
A National Rod License is required
All children under the age of 15 must be supervised by an adult.
Handle all fish with care. With the exception of taking photographs, all fish must be returned to the water immediately.
When returning fish to the water, please place them in carefully. Do not throw them back.

Do Not Use:

Barbed Hooks
Trout Pellets
Cat Meat

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