Located in North East Cornwall, Bodmin Moor is the home of several lakes and a prime spot to visit if you’re interested in a bit of fly fishing during your stay and Perran Springs Holiday Park. In these lakes trout is the order of the day, and if you fancy your chances of hauling in one then you should definitely make the trip over.

Temple Trout Fishery

From viewing them from the A30, the main trunk road into Cornwall,  the lakes may appear to be modest fishing pools, but the former china clay pit on Bodmin Moor, Temple Trout Fishery offers two different lakes that you could try your luck in: The Mallard Lake and the Teal Lake.

The Mallard Lake is reserved solely for fly fishing, with a 430 meter perimeter and spanning 2.4 acres. It is stocked with both rainbow trout and brown trout that are at least 1.5 pounds though on average you can expect your catch to be about 2 pounds.

On the other hand the Teal Lake allows for any legal method of fishing and is slightly larger at 450 meters in perimeter and spanning a sizable 3.2 acres. It offers up rainbow trout and wild brown trout that are at least 1 pound though many tend to be more in the 4 pound range.

If you didn’t bring your own kit you will be able to rent rods and nets, as well as buy the flies and tackle that you need – and could even get some pointers by making an appointment for tuition to improve your fly fishing skills in the process.


Colliford Lake

Often regarded as the premier fly fishing destination of Cornwall, Colliford Lake is located near the famous Jamaica Inn – where you can get your permits while also soaking in atmosphere of the famous smuggler’s haunt.

Not only does Colliford Lake offer up fly fishing for natural brown trout, but it is also a great location with its beautiful countryside. If you’re on a family camping holiday in Cornwall then you could make a day of it and get some fly fishing done while also taking your family on a picnic, lakeside walk, and visit to the Natural Reserve to observe some of the bird life there.

So why not get some fly fishing in while also enjoying a pleasant trip to the countryside. Fishing for brown trout doesn’t get much better than at these two great locations in Cornwall.

Both Temple and Colliford lake are approximately 30 minutes drive from Perran Springs Holiday Park.