‘FREE & Exclusive’ to our guests only.
One of the top rated fishing holiday venues in Cornwall. 
Choose from three private lakes. Our match, pleasure & specimen lakes provide a variety of angling options for both the beginner and more experienced angler.

Our three privately owned fully stocked coarse fishing lakes have carp, tench, bream, perch, rudd and roach.

FREE & Exclusive Fishing for Residents Only – no day tickets

Fishing Holidays In Cornwall

The lakes feature islands and varying water depths, with features including reeds, wildflowers and water lilies. The Lakes are FREE and for the exclusive use of Perran Springs’ residents only. Friendly advice from Andrew is available, if needed.

Please note: All three lakes are open from 8am till Dusk – this rule is in place so we can manage the lakes, but more importantly for the safety of teenagers who may be fishing alone.

Fishing Method Advice:

Butterfly lake is ideal for pole or waggler fishing
Mayfly lake is suited for pole or using a feeder / method rod
Dragonfly is more suited for carp rods & bite alarms, or if using a pole ensure strong elastic is used.

Fly fishing is not permitted. Please read our Lake Meadow and Fishing conditions for full tackle and bait details.

Dogs / Pets ARE allowed in the Lake Meadow, but must be kept under control and on a short lead at all times.
Dogs / Pets are not allowed in the actual lake water or pond water.

The Perfect Fishing Holiday In Cornwall

If you’re looking for a perfect fishing holiday in Cornwall look no further, as we have guests return year after year due to the excellent fishing available. It’s not uncommon to catch over 100lb of fish on Mayfly during one day.


An Aerial View Of Perran Springs

Carp Strains

The carp strains we stock are the classic Leneys which are the original English strain farmed by Donald Leney, long scaly and a steady grower with more history than any other. The second strain is the German Dinkensbhul, which is shorter framed less scaled Carp but with an incredible growth rate and very domesticated which is ideally suited for farm and fishery life. By crossing the two strains we have created fast growing Carp which are a mix of leathers, mirrors, linear’s and fully scaled, perfect for a good mix within a fishery.

Regular Stocking Program

For your enjoyment we ensure a regular stocking schedule each winter. Our stock is provided by Priory Fishery in Devon, a well known fish farm who provide fisheries across the country and are known for their fast growing carp. All their fish are delivered to us with an up to date health check, and delivered during the winter when fish are more comfortable to be transferred. Throughout the winter we feed regularly with a mix of Coppens & Skrettling pellets.

FREE FISHING  - for the full duration of your holiday with us

Our Private Fishing Lakes are strictly for the exclusive use of Perran Springs’ paying residents only, fishing is included in your holiday with us. No guests or visitors are permitted to fish or enter the lake meadow. 
No day tickets. 

Friendly fishing advice from Andrew is available, if needed. 

3 Day Fishing Permits

Bivvies are allowed on Dragonfly Lake Only (whilst fishing during the daytime). Bivvies must be removed each day by dusk at the latest.

Dogs / Pets are allowed in the Lake Meadow, but must be kept under control and on a short lead at all times. Dogs / Pets are not allowed in the lakes or pond.

Anglers of all levels of experience will enjoy catching the variety of fish including carp (common, mirror, leather, crucian and ghost), bream, tench, perch, rudd and roach – all in abundance large and small. See our guest’s own Perran Springs holiday ‘Big Catch’photos. Dogs / pets are allowed in the Lake Meadow but must be kept under control and on a short lead at all times. Dogs / Pets are not allowed in the lakes or pond.


Comments from our guests

Seriously impressed doesn’t even come close to describing the venue. On arrival, the welcome was fantastic! The owners and staff are so friendly and happy, nothing is too much trouble for them. Walking around the park it was apparent that a lot of time and effort goes into making sure everything is well kept, clean and tidy. The shop is well setup with all your essentials to hand. The 3 fully stocked lakes look unbelievable, it would be easy to think you was sat around an old estate lake.

Tony Wynnick - Match Angler

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Three superb fishing lakes – book now!