Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms & conditions below

Perran Springs Holiday Park Conditions

 Perran Springs Holiday Park is a family park catering for Touring Caravans, Trailer Tents, Tents, Campervans and Motor Caravans, all up to a maximum length of 7.5m. We also offer Log Pod, Caravan Holiday Home and Eurotent holidays.. Our guests’ enjoyment and safety is paramount and therefore we ask you to read the following Terms and Conditions before making your booking.

We reserve the right to ask guests who contravene these terms and conditions or, who in any other way are behaving in a manner likely to cause distress or nuisance to other visitors, to leave the park immediately. In these circumstances the holiday ceases and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred by you.


Access Statement, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions 
We seek to provide the very best service to all our guests. We have a specially prepared Access Statement available which describes the facilities we offer on the park. Your privacy is taken seriously and we have provided a link to our Privacy Policy at the base of each webpage. We are able to email a copy of our Terms and Conditions, Access Statement and Privacy Policy in large text. If you would like a copy, or wish to discuss any other special needs, please contact us via email info@perransprings.co.uk


1. Booking Conditions 
1.1.We cater for families and couples and do not accept bookings from all male or all female parties of three or more persons in our pitch areas (Jay, Swift, Owl, Pheasant and Woodpecker) or in our accommodation. In our Camping Meadows (Fox, Badger and Lake) we accept 18 to 30’s Couples, Friends and Groups, these Meadow areas are for tents only and are all non-electric. They are available for holidays in August and will be released upon demand. We reserve the right to refuse any booking.

1.2.Bookings can be made using our online booking service at www.perransprings.co.uk

1.3.The individual who appears as the lead name on the Booking Form is responsible for the booking and warrants that they are aged 18 years or over and that the party will not exceed the numbers stated and permitted on the booking form. 
Camping and Touring Pitches (inc all tents, caravans, motorhomes and campervans) are a maximum of 6 persons per pitch, including babies. Our Caravan Holiday Homes sleep a maximum of 4 persons (Lapwing) and 6 persons (Mallard and Cormorant). Our Super Eurotents sleep a maximum of 6 persons. The Family Log Pods sleep a maximum of 4 persons, and the Couples Log Pods are 2 persons, all accommodation maximum numbers include babies.

2. This Contract 

2.1.This contract is with Perran Springs Holiday Park. A contract exists as soon as we have issued our confirmation form and you should please check this carefully to see that it reflects your wishes. Please inform us of any discrepancy within 3 days of receiving confirmation of your booking, unless your holiday is to start within 14 days in which case you should inform us within 24 hours.

2.2.The terms contained in this contract do not affect your statutory rights.


3. The Price of the Holiday

3.1.A booking administration fee of £8 is payable at the time of the booking. This is non-refundable in the event that you cancel your booking.

3.2.Payment for your holiday is made online through our secure booking system.

3.3.Once you have made your booking and paid a deposit of 30% of the price of the Holiday, the price of the holiday will not be subject to any change, unless the rate of VAT changes, or you request amendments to your booking, or incur the admin fee, or the late payment fee, or our request for a security deposit.

3.4. An additional security deposit of £100 is payable for Caravan Holiday Home, Log Pod and Eurotent bookings, after your full holiday payment has been made. An invoice requesting the security deposit will be sent via email and is payable immediately. The amount will then be paid back to you within 10 days following your departure from the park, either securely online or via a cheque in the post. If necessary, payment will be taken for any damage, breakages, repairs, shortages, or if any excess cleaning is needed in the accommodation.

3.5. The balance of the price of your holiday must be paid at least 10 weeks before the holiday start date. Please note we may (but are not obliged to do so) contact you to remind you of the due date for the balance of your holiday booking. It is your responsibility to make the payment by the time specified. If the balance is not paid at least 10 weeks before the holiday arrival date, then we will apply late payment fee charges of £20 per week until either the payment is received, or we will reserve the right to cancel the holiday if the balance payment is late, without further notice and retain your deposit and booking fee.

3.6.Please note that we do not accept cheques, debit or credit cards on the park.

4. Alterations to your Booking 

4.1.When you book you must provide us with the names and ages of all persons intending to occupy the pitch or accommodation as well as details of any vehicles, extras and pets you intend to bring with you for the duration of the booking. You must notify us of any change in these arrangements as soon as possible, prior to your arrival date. You should notify us of any change to a member of your party, pets, vehicles, extras or any specific requirement that you have asked us to accommodate.

4.2.Only you and the persons named on your booking confirmation can stay on the Park. Unless we have been notified of any change, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who is not named in your booking.

4.3.Once your booking has been confirmed you cannot transfer your booking to anyone else or amend it (this includes changing the members of your party by either removing or adding persons to your booking) except in accordance with clauses 4.1 above and 4.4 below.

4.4.If you wish to make a change to your booking, which is not an amendment to the name of a member of your party, such as an alteration to the type of accommodation or the date of your booking, you must notify us as soon as possible. We will endeavor to accommodate your requirements, however we are not able to guarantee that this will be possible. If we are able to assist you with making your requested amendment there will be an administration charge payable of £25 plus any increase in the holiday booking price that may arise as a result of your change of requirements. We will notify you of any increase in the cost of your holiday and ask you to make payment of any additional sums due to us, at the time of making your request.

4.5.We may not be able to make any amendments to your booking if they are requested less than 7 days prior to your arrival date.

4.6.If we agree to amend your booking and as a result of this change, the price of your booking reduces, we will refund to you any overpayment, less our administration charge of £25, if applicable.

4.7. Please note that should you wish to extend your stay beyond the booked dates there is no guarantee that the same pitch or accommodation will be available.

5. Cancellation of the Holiday by You 

5.1.We strongly recommend that all bookings are covered by an appropriate Holiday Cancellation Insurance, please choose your own reputable insurance provider and ensure you are fully covered for the holiday and your personal items.

5.2.Cancellation of your booking must be made by email to info@perransprings.co.uk. or by telephoning us on 01872 540568. If you cancel over the phone, you must then confirm your cancellation in writing by post or by email, within 3 days of calling to advise of your cancellation. Please quote your full name, holiday booking reference number and reason for cancelling. We will confirm receipt of your cancellation within 3 days.

5.3.If you do not receive confirmation from us that we have acknowledged your cancellation within 3 days, please contact us on 01872 540568 to confirm.

5.4.You may cancel your holiday at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the date it is received by us. However cancellation charges are payable by you as follows:

Where notice of your intention to cancel is received by us:
You will be charged:

More than 56 days*Deposit and booking fee only
35 to 55 days* 40% of your total holiday cost
15 to 34 days*55% of your total holiday cost
8 to 14 days*75% of your total holiday cost
7 days and under*90% of your total holiday cost

* Prior to your arrival date

5.5.If, after your booking has been confirmed, you cancel this agreement as a result of us either:

5.5.1. Committing a serious breach of our obligations under this agreement which is not capable of being remedied.

5.5.2. Committing a serious breach of our obligations under this agreement which is capable of being remedied but we fail to do so within a reasonable period of time after we become aware of our breach; or altering these terms and conditions so as to cause a material disadvantage to you.

We will refund you the total price of your holiday, including any extras, in full without penalty to you.


6. Cancellation of the Holiday by Us 

6.1.If we are unable to provide the booked holiday and this results in us having to cancel your holiday before it is due to start, you are entitled to a full refund of the money you have paid.

6.2.We may cancel the agreement with immediate effect, without refund of money paid:

6.2.1 If you do not pay the subsequent sums on time, due under this agreement.

6.2.2 If you are in serious breach of these terms and conditions, which is not capable of remedy, because it caused a breakdown in the relationship between you and us.


7. Holiday Behaviour Standards and Termination 

7.1.By making a booking with us you have entered a contract in which you undertake, on behalf of yourself and the people in your party (including children), to adopt the following standards of behaviour:

7.2.To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards us, our staff and other guests.

7.3.To supervise children properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

7.4.You further agree that you will not:

7.4.1. commit any criminal offence at the Park or undertake any criminal activity

7.4.2. commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance

7.4.3. keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon at the Park

7.4.4. use any unlawful drugs

7.4.5. create any undue noise or disturbance

7.4.6. carry on any trade or business while on the Park, or use the park as a base from which to travel to or from work

7.5.You may only play ball and other games within Fox and / or Badger Meadows. Playing golf and golf practice shots are not allowed on the park.

7.6.Quiet hours are from 11.00pm until 7.00am. Please respect your fellow guests and keep noise to an absolute minimum

7.7.The play area is only for use by children aged 12 years and under. The play area is not to be used after dusk.

7.8.Children must be fully supervised and accompanied by an adult at all times when using the play area, recreation areas, lake meadow and all other park facilities and amenities.

7.9.You may not use drones, powered model aircraft or any other powered flying objects on the park.

7.10.Smoking is not permitted within any of our accommodation units or park buildings. Due to complaints from other guests, using e-cigs or vaping is not permitted in any of the inside communal areas or accommodation units.

7.11.You must not use any Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar.

7.12.You may only consume alcoholic drinks within the boundaries of your pitch or accommodation.


8. Fishing 

8.1.Fishing is permitted subject to the purchase of a permit, available from Reception / Tackle Shop when open, and please ensure you have a valid Environment Agency Rod License. The Reception / Tackle Shop opening times are displayed on the shop notice-board, outside next to the Reception door. Dogs / pets are allowed in the Lake Meadow but must be kept under control and on a short lead at all times. Dogs / Pets are not allowed in the lakes or pond.

8.2.Any person wishing to fish must comply with the separate Fishing Terms and Conditions, listed towards the end of this document. Conditions under no. 17.


9. Visitors

9.1.Visitors must report to reception upon arrival.

9.2.All visitors must provide us with their full name(s) and vehicle registration number(s).

9.3.Visitors are permitted between the hours of 10am and 7pm only.

9.4.Use of the park facilities is limited to those listed on the booking form. Your visitors are welcome to visit you in your holiday accommodation or pitch but are not permitted to use park facilities. We reserve the right to ask any visitor found using the parks facilities to leave the park.


10. Health and Safety and Vehicles

10.1.We take the wellbeing and safety of our guests very seriously and we ask that you comply with the following:

10.2.The speed limit on the park is 5 mph.

10.3.All vehicles must conform to the Road Traffic Act and have current tax, MOT and insurance. The provisions of the Highway Code apply to the roads on the park. This includes accessories and items towed by vehicles.

10.4.Guests are not allowed to bring Lorries or other commercial vehicles on to the park.

10.5.Charging of electric vehicles is not permitted as it causes problems with the electrical supply and essentially is a nuisance to other guests when the electricity supply is disrupted. If you are found to be charging your vehicle the cable will be disconnected. If charging is attempted again you will be asked to leave the park, with no refund being made.

10.6.Recreational vehicles are not permitted on the park, including; quad bikes, trials bikes, powered scooters, segways, skateboards and roller skates.

10.7.Relaxed pedal bicycle riding is permitted, but is not allowed in the Lake Meadow.

10.8.No mechanical or repair work is to be undertaken on the park.

10.9. In most camping / touring areas only one vehicle can be parked next to your pitch or accommodation, we do allow one extra vehicle (charged separately) but this may need to be parked elsewhere on the park and is chargeable as an extra.

10.10.Small trailers are permitted (max. length of 2m) for camping or fishing gear, but please specify details in the notes section of your online booking.

10.11.You are not permitted to bring any boat or jet ski onto the park, please make arrangements for storage elsewhere prior to booking.

10.12.Please make yourself aware of the nearest fire point.


11. Dogs and All Other Pets

11.1.You are not permitted to bring any pet or animal onto the Park except a maximum of three dogs/pets in your own Camping or Touring Unit. Certain breeds of dog are not permitted, which includes any dogs listed in the Dangerous Dog Act 1991.

11.2.You must inform us at the time of making your booking, whether you intend to bring a pet(s) with you, as they are only permitted within your own Touring or Camping pitch, and not in any of our Caravan Holiday Homes, Log Pods or Eurotents. You must tell us before you visit the park if you plan to bring any pet or animal and answer any reasonable question about them and their suitability for our park environment. If we are not satisfied that the pet or animal is suitable for our park environment, we may tell you that you cannot bring them. This is because we cannot allow the safety of others to be put at risk.

11.3.If you bring your dog(s)/pet(s) with you when you stay with us you must:

11.3.1. Keep the dog(s)/pet(s) under control and on a short lead at all times.

11.3.2. Clean up immediately after any fouling by your dog(s)/pet(s).

11.3.3. Any dog(s) pet(s) or animal(s) you bring must be supervised by and under the control of you, or of a responsible adult in your party, at all times. This means you may not leave any pet or animal unsupervised in your unit, or on your pitch, or anywhere on the park at any time, apart from very small pets which permanently live in a small cage, aquarium or similar. Nor may you leave any pet or animal under the supervision of any person aged under 18. These rules apply even if the pet or animal knows the park well and you believe them to be well-behaved.

11.4.We reserve the right to require that the owner removes their dog(s), or any other pet(s) in their party, from the park if it is a nuisance or danger to other guests. If you do not supervise and control any pet or animal, we are likely to ask you to remove it from the park straight away. This is because we cannot allow the safety of others to be put at risk.

11.5.Dogs/pets are not permitted in any park building. Dogs / pets are allowed in the Lake Meadow but must be kept under control and on a short lead at all times. Dogs / Pets are not allowed in the lakes or pond.

11.6.Dogs/pets are to be tied when on the pitch and/or walked on a short lead by an adult aged 18 years and over only. Dogs and cats must wear a collar and Identity tag.

11.7.Nothing in these terms and conditions prevents you from bringing an assistance dog to the park if this is required to support your disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body has issued you with an Identification Book or other appropriate evidence.

11.8.Clause 11.5, above, does not apply to registered assistance dogs.

11.9. If you see another pet or animal anywhere on the park which does not appear to be supervised by and under the control of a responsible adult, or whose behaviour gives a cause for concern please tell us straight away. 



12. General 

12.1.Open fires, camp fires, fire pits, log pits and ground level BBQ’s are not permitted. Long legged BBQ’s using charcoal are permitted.

12.2.Never take a BBQ into your tent, caravan or accommodation unit.

12.3. Only breathable ground sheets are permitted on grassed areas. No rugs, carpets or plastic sheeting etc. Groundsheets which come pre-sewn into the tent by the manufacturer are permitted.

12.4. The use of generators is not permitted. Please note that we do not offer a service to charge any batteries, including phones, game consoles, pads, laptops etc. If you require this facility then please choose an electric pitch when booking, or bring the relevant in-car charging leads and adaptors on holiday with you to charge your items via your own vehicle. The charging of electric vehicles is not permitted on the park, please see condition 10.5.

12.5.Cutting or damaging trees and other vegetation is strictly prohibited and the natural conditions are not to be disturbed. This includes tying any item to, or driving nails into, trees.

12.6.You must take reasonable care of the holiday pitch/accommodation, including any fixtures and fittings, and leave the pitch/accommodation in a clean and tidy condition on the departure date.

12.7.It is regretted that no refunds can be given if guests arrive late or depart prior to the end of the booked holiday, unless they do so as the result of the breach of some obligation on our part which we have failed to remedy and would justify cancelling the holiday.

12.8.The prices listed include VAT.

12.9.The information supplied on the Booking Form will be stored on computer for administrative purposes. Under no circumstances will this information be provided to a third party. We may from time to time wish to send you an email newsletter regarding our park. If you wish to receive any communication from us, please annotate the appropriate box on the booking form. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1984 the submission of your online Booking Form signifies your assent to these terms.

12.10.Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the details on our website, including any promotional emails and promotional literature are correct at the time of being published, we cannot accept responsibility for errors contained therein or results thereof. These terms also apply to linked third party websites. We reserve the right to introduce or withdraw any special offers without notice.

12.11.Our website uses cookies; small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. Cookies are generally used to retain user preferences, store information and provide anonymised tracking data to applications like Google Analytics. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better. However, you may prefer to disable cookies on our site, by disabling cookies in your browser.

12.12.You may not use the park address for any postal deliveries. Post/parcels received will be returned to sender.

12.13.Some park facilities may be reduced or curtailed according to circumstances and/or to Season. Whilst every effort is made to provide all the facilities as advertised, we regret we are unable to accept liability for the lack of a facility due to a technical breakdown or circumstance beyond our control.

12.14. Please be advised that from time to time promotional photographs and films are taken by ourselves around the park pitch areas, grounds and lakes. These images are for use on our Perran Springs website, social media platforms and for marketing promotions. We will notify guests when filming in a specific location is going to take place, so there is the option not to be filmed. If guests or their units do then appear on film or in photographs, we are unable to make any financial award or payment of any kind.


13. Arrivals, Departures and Minimum Stays

13.1.You must report to reception upon arrival. Camping and Touring arrivals from 12 noon only. Log Pod, Caravan Holiday Home and Eurotent arrivals from 3pm only.

13.2.The latest arrival time is 7pm.

13.3.Departures are by 10am.

13.4.Camping and Touring Pitches and Couples Log Pods are a minimum stay of 3 nights.

13.5.Caravan Holiday Homes, Eurotents and Family Log Pods are a minimum stay of 7 nights.


14. Caravan Holiday Home, Eurotent and Log Pod Bookings

14.1.You are requested not to arrive before 3pm on your day of arrival. Latest arrival time is 7pm.

14.2.Your accommodation must be vacated by 10am on your day of departure.

14.3.An additional security deposit of £100 is payable for Caravan Holiday Home, Log Pod and Eurotent bookings, after your full holiday payment has been made. An invoice requesting the security deposit will be sent via email and is payable immediately. The amount will then be paid back to you within 10 days following your departure from the park, either securely online or via a cheque in the post. If necessary, payment will be taken for any damage, breakages, repairs, shortages, or if any excess cleaning is needed in the accommodation.

14.4.Smoking within the accommodation is not permitted.

14.5.The number of occupants must not exceed that stated or permitted on your booking. Our Caravan Holiday Homes sleep a maximum of 4 persons (Lapwing) and 6 persons (Mallard and Cormorant). Our Super Eurotents sleep a maximum of 6 persons. The Family Log Pods sleep a maximum of 4 persons, and the Couples Log Pods are 2 persons, all accommodation maximum numbers include babies.

14.6.Additional tents or any sort or gazebos are not permitted.

14.7.The booking price includes parking for one vehicle only, please inform us at the point of booking if you wish to bring one additional vehicle. If the extra vehicle is able to be accommodated, it will be charged separately at the same rate as an extra vehicle on the camping / touring tariff. 

14.8.Please see our website for a guide regarding items to bring with you. Our Log Pods and Super Eurotents do not have any beds or bedding. Our Caravan Holiday Homes have uncovered duvets and pillows.

14.9.No items, including wetsuits and towels should be hung from the accommodation. Picnic benches must not be used to dry laundry, towels, swimwear or wetsuits.

14.10.No fishing equipment is to be taken inside the accommodation.

14.11.The charging of electric vehicles is not permitted on the park, please see condition 10.5.



15. Camping and Touring Pitch Bookings

15.1. The maximum length of any unit (inc attached awnings and porches) is 7.5m. If your unit is larger than 7.5m we will be unable to accept your booking. The exact size of your unit, must be stipulated at the time of booking. Any chargeable Separate Day Tents and Gazebos (max 3mx3m), Pup Tents (max 1mx2m) and Toilet Tents (max 1mx1m) must also be listed on the booking form, to ensure that the allocated pitch is large enough to accommodate you. Should you subsequently alter your requirements we cannot guarantee to provide an appropriately sized pitch.

15.2.Camping and Touring Pitches (inc all tents, caravans, motorhomes and campervans) are a maximum of 6 persons per pitch,
including babies.

15.3.You are requested not to arrive before 12 noon. Latest arrival time is 7pm. All pitches must be vacated by 10am on the day of your departure.

15.4.Every endeavour will be made to allocate guests the pitch of their choice, however, it must be clearly understood that accept
ance of a booking is not conditional on the allocation of a particular pitch.

15.5.You will be given the details and location of your booked pitch on arrival. You must not move to another pitch during your stay 
without our prior consent.

15.6.Electric hook ups are 16 amp. Please ensure your hook-up cable is 25 metres minimum length. It must be a recognised purpose built single length cable. No extra extensions or any cable splitters are permitted.

15.7.The charging of electric vehicles is not permitted on the park, please see condition 10.5. 

15.8. The camping / touring pitch price includes parking for one vehicle only, please select the extra vehicle option at the point of booking if you wish to bring one additional vehicle, this is charged as an extra.

15.9.Campervans, Motor Caravans and Twin-axle Caravans are permitted on hard standing pitches only.



16. WiFi Service and Internet Usage

16.1. In using our FREE Perran Springs WiFi Service, you agree to the terms below. If you do not agree to any of these terms, do not use the service. The WiFi Service is provided free of charge only to guests of Perran Springs Holiday Park. Availability is limited and coverage cannot be guaranteed, but WiFi is usually available at the benches outside Reception. Your use of Internet Services and use of our free WiFi Service is carried out entirely at your own risk.

16.2. Do not use for downloading music, films, youtube videos, software or online gaming – this will slow or stop the service for all other guests.

16.3.If you exceed the limited usage: of 700mb download per day per device, or 70mb upload per day per device, your device will be blocked from using the service for the rest of your holiday. So keep checking your usage!

16.4. We have no control over or responsibility for the Internet Services you access and do not guarantee that any services are error or virus free. We have no responsibility for, or control over, the information you transmit or receive via the Service.


We do not guarantee:
16.4.1. the availability or speed (transmitting or receiving) of the Service.
16.4.2. the Service will be compatible with your equipment or software which you use.
16.4.3. the security of the information which you may transmit or receive using the Service.

16.5.You accept that it is your responsibility to protect your information and have adequate security to ensure the confidentiality of your data / information.

16.6.We reserve the right at all times to withdraw the Service, change the use of the Service, change passwords or other access to the service.

16.7.Your use of the service:
16.7.1. Do not use the service to transmit or receive any confidential information or data. Should you do so, it is done entirely at your own risk.
16.7.2. The Service is intended for light personal use only and not to be used for any commercial purposes.
16.7.3. Copyrighted works, including music, video, pictures, text and other internet content must not be downloaded, altered, e-mailed or otherwise used, unless certain that the owner of such works has specifically authorised its use by you.

16.8.You must NOT use the Service to access Internet Services, or send or receive any communication:
16.8.1. which is defamatory, threatening or which could be classed as harassment.
16.8.2. contains obscene / abusive language, contains pornographic material (text, pictures, films / clips of a sexual / arousing nature).
16.8.3. contains offensive or derogatory images / text regarding sex, race, religion, colour, origin, age, disability, medical condition or sexual orientation.
16.8.4. contains material which infringes third party’s copyright / intellectual rights, or that are otherwise inappropriate or illegal.
16.8.5. which engages in any activity which constitutes or contributes to a criminal offence.

16.9.You agree and acknowledge that we may be required to provide information to law enforcement or governmental agencies / other authorities.

16.10.We have no responsibility to compensate you for any loss (direct or indirect), including financial loss, data loss or wasted time. Or any loss arising from the inability to use or access the service, or a failure, suspension or withdrawal of all (or part) of the service at any time. Or damage to physical property, or for any other loss that may arise in relation to this agreement, whether or not we were advised in advance of the possibility of such loss or damage. This does not affect your statutory rights.

16.11.You agree to compensate us fully for any claims or legal action made or threatened against us by someone else, because you have accessed / used the service in breach of these terms and conditions.

16.12.I confirm that I accept these terms and conditions as the basis of my access and use of the wireless internet service provided.


17. Fishing Lakes and the Lake Meadow


17.1.Fishing rods, reels, tackle and bait is for sale in the Tackle Shop. The fishing lakes are for use of Perran Springs’ residents only. Dogs / Pets are allowed in the Lake Meadow but must be kept under control and on a short lead at all times. Dogs / Pets are not allowed in the lakes or pond. 

17.2.Fishing is strictly only allowed between 8am and dusk daily. 

17.3 Fishing is not allowed without a permit. Before fishing, all the fishing member(s) of the unit, must visit the Reception / Tackle Shop (when open) to purchase the fishing permit(s). The Reception / Tackle Shop opening times are displayed on the shop noticeboard, outside next to the Reception door. A permit is required per person, (adults and children – all ages) with a maximum of three rods per person only. Permits and/or rods are not transferable under any circumstances. The permit must be carried with you during each fishing session. The one fishing permit covers one person for the duration of their holiday with us. If any person is found fishing without the correct permit(s), a ‘Special Permit’ will be required to be taken at a price of £80, payable immediately in cash only. If the payment requested is not made you will be asked to leave the park. Anyone fishing aged 13 years or over must also have an Environment Agency Rod Licence. Junior Rod Licences for 13 to 16 year olds are available free from the Environment Agency. Adult and Junior Rod Licences are available online by visiting www.gov.uk or by calling the Environment Agency on 0344 800 5386. Our lakes are checked by Environment Agency Officers. If you are caught fishing without a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence you could be fined up to £2,500.

17.4. For safety, the Lake Meadow must not be entered or used between Dusk and 8am. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children at all times. Children must be accompanied and fully supervised by a competent adult at all times, either when fishing, or being anywhere in the lake meadow. Anglers fish entirely at their own risk.

17.5. Fishing is permitted on the three fishing lakes, at marked swims only. Please fish in front of you, do not fish between swims. No reserving of swims is allowed. You must reel in if you leave your peg. If you wish to swap lakes, take all your tackle from the original swim with you. Please keep to the cut grass footpaths in the meadow. Bivvies are allowed on Dragonfly Lake Only (whilst fishing during the daytime). Bivvies must be removed each day by Dusk at the latest. No tents, alcohol, cooking, radios, bicycles or vehicles are allowed in the Lake Meadow at any time. No fly fishing, or sea fishing techniques under any circumstances. Remove all discarded tackle, bottles, bait and other waste and place in the bin provided. Respect the varied wildlife, do not damage the banks, fish, flora or fauna, litter the lake meadow, or the use the meadow or lakes as a toilet.

17.6.The lake meadow is for quiet fishing, sitting and walking only and is not a play area or place for parties. Strictly no paddling or swimming in the lakes or nature pond. Do not interfere with, fish on, or use gNat’s Nature Pond for pond dipping. Parents must fully supervise their children and ensure their children do not ingest any plants. Please be aware the paths and bridge may be slippery when wet.

17.7.Anyone found to be in breach of any of the conditions, may at our discretion be asked to leave the park, together with the rest of their party, with no refund of any park fees paid in advance. Any damage will be charged separately and will be paid for by the offending person(s) immediately in cash. Spot checks will be made.

17.8.These conditions are here to stop the spread of fish disease and to protect our fish: All landing nets, mats, weight slings, or anything that comes in contact with fish must be dipped in the chemical dip tank for a minimum of 5 minutes, prior to each fishing session. The dip tank is located inside the bottom entrance into the Lake Meadow. Never use a wet net which has been used on a lake before or during your stay at Perran Springs (the net must be dried in direct sunlight).

17.9. Compulsory Tackle and Equipment: Each Angler must use recognised professional balanced tackle, a padded unhooking mat, knotless landing net (kite marked, or only nets sold in our shop) and disgorger or forcep disgorgers at all times. Main line not less than 4lb with 3lb hook length. Maximum main line 16lb. Braid Rules: specialist braided hooklinks only. No braided main line. No Lead Core or Double Strength main line. Pole- minimum  recommended elastic of 10 and 3lb hook length. Strictly barbless hooks only, no nipped of flattened barbs. Maximum hook size 6 on Dragonfly lake. Maximum hook size 8 on Mayfly & Butterfly lakes. No keep nets at any time, no fixed leads or fixed feeders, no Zig Rigs, no plugs, no spinners, no crab lines or children’s nets or beach rock pooling equipment. No bait boats or drones to be used.

17.10. We apply the following bait rules so we know what type of bait is going into the lake, and importantly, how much of it. Over use of bait can poison or remove oxygen from the lake and result in a fish kill – so please use wisely and do not throw unwanted bait into the lakes. 

17.11. The Following Bait is Not Allowed: No trout pellets, no cat or dog meat.

17.12. Ground bait is to be used in moderation, strictly a max. of 1kg per day. Pellets max. 900g per day. Prepared hemp/particles/nuts Max 1kg per day. Max. 1 tin of luncheon meat per day. Boilies are permitted, but only feed with the cast, ie. in small PVA mesh or small PVA bags (not thrown in by the handful). 

17.13.Landing Fish and Returning Fish to Water: All fish must be carefully netted when caught. No swinging-in of fish, or handling of fish in or back-out to water. All fish caught must be quickly and gently returned to the water at the point of capture, by careful use of a landing net. When returning fish to the water please allow enough time for the fish to recover before releasing it. The removal of fish, or causing damage or distress to any fish is strictly prohibited. Never transfer a fish from one lake to another.

17.14.Unhooking Fish: You must carry and always use a good quality disgorger. Fish up to 4lb must be unhooked in the net, held on your knee. Fish above 4lb must be unhooked on a padded unhooking mat. The use of Klin-ik antiseptic to cleanse the hook wound and any other fish wound is recommended. Please report any case of injured fish or wildlife to a member of our family. For deep hooked fish; cut the line as close as possible to the hook and gently return the fish to the water immediately. Never pull a deep hook free, as in most cases this will be fatal to the fish and in the least cause damage and distress.

17.15.Handling, Weighing and Photographing: Where possible try not to handle fish. But if required, hold the underneath of the net to hold fish to disgorge. If it is necessary to hold a fish, use wet hands (never use a dry towel). If your ‘Big Catch’ photographs are being taken – gently hold the fish low to the ground over a soft padded pre-wetted unhooking mat. When preparing to take a photo, wet the fish with water from the lake. Only weigh fish in wet slings, knotless weigh bags. Dropping a fish on the bank causes stress and damage, resulting in disease and can often be fatal.


18. Complaints

18.1.If you have a complaint about the park during your holiday, please raise it with a member of our staff immediately and if you wish to pursue it following your departure please write to us within 28 days of your departure. However, we do suggest that you try and complete a report about the complaint while you are on holiday, please see us in Reception (when open), or at the house.

Your statutory rights are not affected.
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