For theatre and art enthusiasts it would be a shame not take a trip down to the Minack Open Air Theatre whilst on your family camping holiday in Cornwall. Being one of the world’s most famous outdoor theatres, it would definitely be worth taking a day trip to see a show while also enjoying its other attractions. (it would be wise to book tickets online during the peak summer months )

A Living Theatre

Perched on a cliff right next to the coast, the Minack Open Air Theatre is a picturesque setting. Originally it was built for local drama enthusiasts to perform Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ but over the last 80 years it has slowly but surely expanded into the professionally equipped venue that it is today.

Featuring both amateur and professional performances, the Minack Theatre draws hundreds of thousands of people to its grassy terraces. Whether you’re visiting it to take in a show or simply to enjoy its breathtaking views while exploring the backstage area, it is certainly a magical live theatre.

The Exhibition Centre in Minack is the perfect place to discover the history of the theatre, from early life its founder Rowena Cade, all the way up to its inception and the realization of her vision. It is a fascinating story that is made all the more real as you walk through the very steps of the theatre itself.

Minack Gardens

Aside from the theatre, the Minack Gardens are a wonder in their own right. Local gardeners Niall and Jill Milligan have transformed the cliff at Minack into an amazing sub-tropical coastal garden that is nationally-acclaimed.

Stretching across an acre, the gardens are wondrous to behold – no matter the season. Not only will you find a wide variety of rare plants that hail from far off places such as the Canary Islands, South Africa, Mexico or the Andes, but you can even buy plants to take home to your own garden.

When you’re done with both the theatre and the gardens, you can sit back in the café and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee as well as some light food while you enjoy spectacular views that overlooks the sea, theatre and gardens.

The Minack Theatre is definitely one of the treasures of Cornwall and you won’t regret spending a day surrounded by its natural beauty.