Billed as the South West’s original discount retailer. Trago Mills may not sound like much of an attraction at first. However its unique settings both in its original location at Liskeard and outlet at Falmouth make it a surprising experience – to say the least.

Essentially Trago Mills itself offers a mix of home and garden products, alongside various other types of products throughout its 38 different departments.

Its approach is simple and it aims to offer a wide range of stock at the lowest prices possible – which means that you’ll certainly be able to find a bargain, no matter what you’re looking for.


Trago Mills Liskeard

As the original Trago Mills outlet, the Liskeard store first began in a small shed and sold items that its founder Mike Robertson personally brought back with him from his trips. As it grew however it moved to its current location that is actually on the outskirts of Liskeard and off the A38 in a picturesque parkland.

The buildings that form the Trago Mills Liskeard store are certainly unique. With a castle-like architecture and tall towers extending from them. The unique appearance coupled with its expansive range of products makes browsing through them an oddly fun experience.

Make no mistake there is no shortage of things to do at Trago Liskeard, whether it is taking in a fresh meal at the Keg & Kettle Restaurant, or digging into traditional Cornish snacks and tea at the Aviary Tea Room. The surrounding parkland also offers up some possibilities – including a tranquil Riverside Walk and many areas where you can picnic or even have a barbeque.


Trago Mills Falmouth

Unlike Trago Mills Liskeard, the outlet at Falmouth is located right inside the town itself – just adjacent to the famous National Maritime Museum. It is decidedly smaller, but still packs an impressive range of products and bargains within its high street store.

The main attraction of Trago Mills Falmouth is undoubtedly its Crow’s Nest Coffee Bar. Situated right on the top floor of the store, it opens up to views of the harbor and the sea as well as the nearby Fal River. In short it is the perfect place to kick back and relax while enjoying a nice coffee (or some other beverage) and tucking into the various snacks and light meals that are served there.

As you can see both outlets are very different, yet they each offer something special and unique. If you happen to be in the area and are looking to pick up a bargain or two then you should certainly stop by and enjoy the other activities that can be found at both Trago Mills stores too.