After a very sunny Saturday, Sunday afternoon (9th April 2017) was a bit cooler and a little breezy, which was probably better for carp fishing!

fishing in CornwallI started fishing at 2 pm, fishing on Dragonfly lake. This is the larger of our 3 lakes and one I rarely fish, but for out and out carp fishing it is the lake I would recommend.

The day before I had been cutting some willows down on the lake, so the swims were a lot more accessible and clear for shipping the pole out.

I was loose fed maggots and used pellet as my hook-bait. We previously stocked this lake over 6 years ago, with carp 5lb plus, I also know there are some large carp in here and a big ghost carp which I caught a few years ago at 18 lb.



However, today I didn’t catch any huge fish, but a lot in the ½ lb to 2 lb range, which is good news as all these have bred in the lake.

All the carp were all in excellent condition, and put up a great fight. I’m sure most of these carp had never been caught before!

Using the pole, I was targeting 2 lines, one 6 sections out, in the middle, and the other very close in, just 1 ft out from the bank, just under the willows I had cut the day before. Feeding little but often I was catching every time, including a lot of large roach, common and mirror carp.

Carp fishing in Cornwall Carp fishing in Cornwall

In the shallows, it was only about 1ft in depth, and the swim was cloudy with carp feeding and I could see their fins, so easy targets.
Fishing further out, about 4 ft in depth, I was catching the odd carp, but a lot or large roach, just under a 1 lb.

Overall a good few hours fishing!

I kept the smaller fish in a keep net, just for the purpose of taking some photos.
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Carp fishing holiday Cornwall