Are you addicted to the TV show Poldark and wondered about the breath taking scenery that you are presented with? Well as you know, the series is set along the beautiful Cornish coast and a camping holiday in Cornwall makes it is possible to visit these great locations and relive the moments you saw on television, you can even pose for photos where  Aiden Turner (famous for the Hobbit & Being Human, and now Ross Poldark) acted out his scenes .

Read on to find out some great Poldark locations that you absolutely must visit.


One of the most popular filming locations in Cornwall  (including The Three Musketeers with Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland) with its unique harbour and old ships still moored up, you get a sense of going back in time, especially on a warm evening when the sea mist sweeps in, combined with the creaking noises of ships – you’d think you’re on a film set yourself! There is also shipwreck and heritage site to visit whilst there.  A great location for taking photos of this historic harbour.

This old fishing cove is at the heart of St Aubyn Estates and sits amongst beautiful wildflowers and birdlife, making this location one of the most beautiful settings in all of Poldark. This area is perfect for swimming and rock pooling, and has some stunning views of the water. You can even bring your dog to this beach to share the enjoyment, except for the period between Easter Day and 30 September.

St Agnes Head

This area was used in Poldark to represent the Nampara Valley, which forms part of the Poldark’s family estate. The beautiful landscape here is dotted with old buildings from the area’s mining past , and has a low tide beach and vast stretches of heather that are spectacular to see. This heathland is one of the last remaining sites of a huge tract of heathland that at one time was spread across Cornwall, this is a wonderful sight in summer due to the beautiful colours and patterns formed by the heather.

Bodmin Moor

Also used in Poldark as part of the scenes representing the Nampara Valley (as well as St Agnes Head), the location was used mainly as filming Ross Poldark’s exterior cottage and horseback scenes.  Bodmin Moor is great for spotting wildlife, walking and photography.

Who could forget the location of choice for the world premiere of the series? This is Cornwall’s one and only city and was the inspiration for the Poldark story. There are many great things to do here such as going to the Royal Cornwall Museum, to discover the area’s rich history and tradition, or visiting the Lemon Street Market, which houses Cornwall’s most innovative small businesses.

Gunwalloe Church Cove Beach

This stunning sandy beach was the setting for one of the most dramatic scenes in the television series. It is a south west facing cove with a stream running through the beach, this makes it ideal for paddling. The beach takes its name from a small church called St Wynwallow on the north side, this also has a small detached tower that protrudes from the solid rock of the headland.

Luckily, Perran Springs is centrally located to all these filming locations, so you could easily visit them all whilst staying with us.