Perranporth, located on the north coast of Cornwall, is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. Here are some rock fishing marks near Perranporth:

1. Cligga Head
Location: Near Perranporth, just south of the town.
Species: Pollack, mackerel, bass, and wrasse.
Description: A rocky headland with deep water fishing spots and good access to various ledges.

2. Droskyn Point
Location: Directly adjacent to Perranporth.
Species: Bass, mackerel, and pollack.
Description: Offers a variety of fishing spots with rocky outcrops and deeper waters.

3. Holywell Bay
Location: A few miles northeast of Perranporth.
Species: Bass, flounder, and mackerel.
Description: A scenic bay with rocky marks towards the north and south ends.

4. Trevaunance Cove
Location: Near St. Agnes, a short drive from Perranporth.
Species: Pollack, wrasse, mackerel, and bass.
Description: A cove with various rock marks and deeper waters.

5. Chapel Porth
Location: Just north of St. Agnes.
Species: Bass, pollack, and wrasse.
Description: A beautiful beach with rocky areas at the edges providing good fishing spots.

6. Porthtowan
Location: North of Perranporth, between Perranporth and St. Agnes.
Species: Bass, mackerel, and pollack.
Description: A beach with rocky marks at either end, offering good fishing opportunities.

7. Trevellas Porth
Location: Near St. Agnes.
Species: Pollack, mackerel, bass, and wrasse.
Description: A quieter spot with various rock marks and deep waters.

Tips for Fishing Near Perranporth:

Safety: Always check tide times and weather conditions before heading out. Rock fishing can be hazardous during high tides or rough seas. Always tell somebody where you are fishing, and when you expect to return home.
Equipment: Use strong, durable gear suitable for rocky conditions. Always wear a life safty vest, use studded boots and make sure your torch batteries are charded if fishing at night.

Bring appropriate bait for the species you aim to catch. Lug worm, squid, sand eel and peeler crab are the top baits you can use.

Local Advice: Andrew, on of the owners at Perran Springs is a keen sea angler, and knows where and how to fish the marks around Perranporth, which is very close to to our campsite.
The locations near Perranporth provide excellent opportunities for rock fishing with a variety of species to catch and beautiful scenery to enjoy.