A popular bait which we recommend and sell in our tackle shop is Skretting Coarse Fish Pellets, they have a balanced dietry profile to form a complete healthy fish feed pellet.

They have a relatively low oil content making them ideal for all year round use and a slow breakdaown time compared to the carp pellets.

We actually feed our carp in the winter with these pellets, so they are used to it. As a tip, if your fishing our lakes in May / June, use these pellets and you should catch plenty of carp all day. Basically because the carp haven’t seen a hook since the previous September (as we close during the winter), and they are in healthy good fighting condition.

I personally use a pole close to the margins, with the Skretting Pellet, hooked on using a Team Mosella Bandabait Pellet Band. Depending on stock we also sell these and a variety of bait bands in our tackle shop.