If you book a Non-Electric Grass Pitch, this could be an essential item to bring on your camping holiday!

Since appearing on Dragon’s Den Series 13, the Tegstove has rocketed its way to fame. It is one-part portable gas camping stove, and one-part charging battery, and one-part energy storage – and it’s approach to these areas is completely unique.

When you’re camping at Perran Springs Holiday Park, the Tegstove could be just what you need to quickly whip up meals while recharging your devices.

 A Superior Camping Stove

Thinking of the Tegstove as a camping stove reveals it to be a stable, well-designed, reliable, and extremely portable little unit that has excellent cooking performance. It is self-contained in a single unit, so you won’t need to lug anything else around to use it.

Unlike other camping stoves, Tegstove utilizes butane gas canisters – which is surprising. Make no mistake, butane does have many advantages: It is a cost-effective, widely available gas that comes in light canisters. Because it is much less volatile than other types of gas (or gas mixtures) it can be stored indoors safely.

However the reason why most standard camping stoves use a mix of butane, propane and isobutene is because it is tough to maintain a steady amount of pressure in a butane tank. The Tegstove’s unique system has not only solved that issue however, but actually turns it into an advantage that helps with the charging part of the unit.

Suffice to say, as a camping stove the Tegstove will produce a strong controlled flame that you can rely on for cooking in any conditions. Because it doesn’t rely on the internal battery for any part of its function as a stove, you will be able to get a flame going even when the battery is dead.

A Great Charging Battery

The other part of the Tegstove that complements its nature as a camping stove rather nicely is its charging battery. Essentially the Tegstove comes with a rechargeable battery as well as a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG).

The TEG uses a unique system to generate electricity from the normal operation of the cooking flame. Essentially whenever the flame is on, the TEG will be generating electricity and charging the battery.

By connecting your devices using any USB cable, you can then utilize the electricity stored in the battery to recharge them – even when the flame isn’t on.

With its amazingly convenient design and unique features, it is no surprise that the Tegstove has captured so many people’s imagination. It is truly the camping stove of choice for the modern day camper, and will provide you with a sustainable cooking stove and power generator. Ideal if to choose to camp at Perran Springs Holiday Park, and book a non-electric grass pitch.

If you bring it along to our campsite it will undoubtedly come in handy on numerous occasions throughout your stay.