Indian Cuisine – Massala Tandoori Restaurant, Perranporth

Located right in the heart of Perranporth and just a few miles or a couple of minutes’ drive from Perran Springs Holiday Park is the Massala Tandoori Restaurant. It features a mix of Indian cuisine that includes traditional dishes with their own signature touch alongside several exclusive and unique dishes.

While takeaway is available, dining in the unique and modern setting is a pleasure in itself if you feel you’d like to sit down to a hot meal. On top of that there is an all-you-can-eat buffet available on Sundays, as well as a ‘banquet night’ on Wednesdays that lets you eat as much as you want from the selection of 10 dishes that are available. Both of these special menus are great value for money. There is also a set menu for four, where the food never seems to end, and we find it a struggle to finish completely! Overall this restaurant is extremely clean, very friendly, tasty food and great value for money.

Chinese Cuisine – New Garden Chinese Restaurant, St.Columb Major

If you don’t mind the 15 minute trip to the nearby town of St. Columb Major, in our opinion, the New Garden Chinese Restaurant is the best place to go for Chinese cuisine. It serves up a diverse
selection of tasty options ranging from Chinese-style curries or sweet and sour dishes, to various types of noodles, rice dishes, and more. Some of our favorites are:

Szechuan Chilli Beef
Cantonese Duck
New Garden Special Chow Mein
Pork / Chicken / Prawn Balls

Although you could order takeaway, the restaurant itself is cozy and the staff are friendly and helpful. Everything you order will be fresh, served piping hot, and bound to entice your taste buds. The portion size is particularly noteworthy, as it tends to be generous and will leave you full and satisfied.

Fish and Chips – Port and Starboard, St. Columb Major

Also located in St. Columb Major, the Port and Starboard is an award-winning fish and chips restaurant that is widely considered to be among the top ten in the entire UK. It is a fairly

large restaurant that has lots of parking, so if you’re in a large group you can definitely find room and dine in. Naturally takeaway is an option too and you could pack some fish and chips to munch on as you explore Cornwall.

As you would expect you can find a range of traditional fish and chips at the Port and Starboard, and should make it a point to try them, considering how famous they are. If you’d like something else however, the restaurant also serves up a selection of burgers as well as several other options that you could consider.

(The Chinese and Fish & Chip shop, are across the road from each other)

Feeling spoilt for choice? If you have the time it would be a good idea to check out each of these restaurants, or takeaway if you’d rather dine back at the Perran Springs Holiday Park. Considering they are all so nearby, you should have no trouble making your way over to whichever restaurant you feel you’d like to try.

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